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Bird Control Perfection - The Bird Deterrent System Proven Totally Effective, Permanent, and Virtually Invisible!

photo shows bird system design meeting with architects and new construction plans

Avian Flyaway’s Electric Bird Proofing is Simply the Best:
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Better Performance
  • Lower Cost
  • Engineered to Last - THE ONLY FULL SUN / Full Weather Electric Barrier Available
  • 90% of Our Avian Averting System Installs Last Over 20 Years!

We are the original electric barrier company. Our Avian Averting System is proven much more efficient with its spring tension design.

shows facility manager discussing bird control plans

We install and guarantee our bird relocation systems nationwide. After years of experience, we automatically know what works, and overtime what will not.

Most electric barriers simply are not engineered with an understanding of how electricity works when exposed continuously to the elements. Avian FlyAway’s bird deterrent system steadily lasts year after year through Chicago winters and Phoenix summers.

shows architects and facility managers with bird relocation system plans

Avian FlyAway’s "Spring Tension Wire or Air Insulated Design" product design continuously works year after year. In contrast, arc prone plastic track and plastic tape systems are not economical past a few years in the sun. Because track and tape systems are not open wire or air insulated, this means track systems lie flat on a strip of plastic collecting dust and UV damage. These designs automatically require regular cleaning and maintenance contracts. In addition, the expected life cycle of track and tape systems are constantly limited to a few years because obviously sewing, gluing, or embedding wire conductors onto plastic is unreliable when soft plastic weathers. This fact is extremely important when installing an electric bird repellent using a man-lift, scaffolding, or ladder due to the clear fact that maintaining electric track or tape products overtime becomes costly. In contrast, AFI's "Air Insulated" electric bird barrier is designed to be continuously maintenance free, automatically guaranteeing a much lower life cycle cost. Our Avian Averting System is engineered to last decades without regular cleaning or maintenance.

office worker

Only Avian FlyAway's virtually invisible Avian Averting System is engineered to last.

Non-Penetrating Avian Averting System, Tested, Proven, Built to Last

Avian FlyAway has 2 proven non-penetrating fastening options for our Avian Averting System.

1. Spot weld fastening for decoratvie metal and beams, 2. Adhesive fasten ShadeMatch and GlueMaster insulators. Non-penetration with air insulated spring tension 20 year plus performance renders tracks, tapes, and strips totally obsolete!

Over the last 10 years, AFI has perfected our 2 non-penetrating adhesive based options outperforming by decades any other non-penetrating electric barriers on the market. Our adhesive fastening system lasts many more years than any track based system. Our 3rd generation ShadeMatch adhesive fasten system is permanent and lasts decades while being virtually invisible. Over 90% of our systems last more than 20 years; that is simple Dollars and Sense. Now are new 4X Reinforced Insulator introduced in 2015, has been integrated into our ShadeMatch adhesive system, which means our systems may last 30 years or more!

Avian FlyAway - Unmatched Experience - Unmatched Solutions - Unmatched Longevity!

Unmatched experience providing bird control service for pigeons, vultures, grackles, buzzards, crows, gulls, starlings, blackbirds, cowbirds, cliff swallows and other nuisance birds.

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Historical Structures
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  • Florida State Capitol
  • California State Capitol
  • Old Red-UTMB Galveston
  • US Treasury Bldg Wash. DC
  • Heritage Hall - Vancouver
  • Littlefield House - Austin Texas

Healthcare, Government & University
  • Baylor Health Care TX
  • Methodist Health Care TX
  • Presbyterian Health Care TX
  • Mission Health Care NC
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center AZ
  • SMU Memorial Health Center
  • Phoenix Children's Hospital
  • St. Mary's Health Center
  • Laguna Honda Hospital CA
  • UT SW Medical Center
  • Stoney Brooke Univ Hospital NY
  • UT Medical Branch TX
  • Veteran's Admin Hospitals
  • Hermann Memorial Health TX
  • Maricopa County, Phoenix Arizona
  • Pima County, Tucson Arizona
  • Wounded Warrior Center for Intrepid
  • Notre Dame University
  • George Bush Library College Station
  • City of Dallas, TX
  • City of Denver, CO
  • City of Winter Park, FL
  • City of Orlando, FL
  • Bexar County, TX
  • Dade County, FL
  • State of Florida
  • Indianapolis Federal Building
  • New Jersey Highway Authority
  • US Postal Service
  • Kyle Field TAMU College Station
  • Darrell Royal Stadium UT Austin
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • University of Houston
  • Rice University, Houston Texas
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Miami
  • University of California
  • University of Arizona
  • Arizona State University
  • Pepperdine University, Malibu CA

  • Gables West Ave Retail
  • BFC Realty
  • Bank of America
  • Neiman-Marcus
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Florida
  • Comiskey Park (Chicago Whitesox)
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • JMB Property Management
  • Lincoln Properties Group
  • Northern Trust Houston
  • Texaco Houston, Texas
  • Hyatt, Inc. San Antonio
  • Marriott
  • Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  • Texas Utilities
  • Celanese Ticona
  • BASF
  • Occidental Petroleum
  • Huntsman Corp
  • LyondellBasell
  • Valero
  • Tesoro

Bird Species - We Are Experts
  • Pigeons
  • Turkey Vultures/ Buzzards
  • Black Vultures
  • Grackles
  • Starlings
  • Gulls
  • Blackbirds
  • Crows
  • Cow Birds
  • Sparrows

New York City is the greatest city on Earth, it deserves the best bird control! Avian FlyAway is the only pigeon control and bird control company that meets such high standards for effectiveness and aesthetics. Ask yourself these questions.

Do you want totally effective bird control?

Do you want your bird solution to look good or be virtually invisible?

Do you want it to last, really last?

Would you be interested in a bird control product that works best, looks great, lasts longer, and costs less?

Avian FlyAway's air insulated electric barrier is your only option to satisfy these requirements. We serve all of the the New York City area.

Call or email today for a free survey.

We protect your professional image and help you make a wise bird control decision; we are not a bug buster company or DIY handyman outfit moonlighting in the bird business. There is a big difference. Our process and products are the best, we are the bird control experts. We pioneered bird control for gulls on rooftops and pigeons on structures. Our active barrier for nuisance bird relocation from ornamental and shade trees is known for unsurpassed results. Our electric barrier is so good that electric barrier is now recognized as the most efficient way to control pest birds on structures. Since 1988, New York City Bird Control Specialist, Avian FlyAway Inc. is the solution to all your bird control needs. Call or email today, free commercial bird surveys.
We service all of the New York City area. Babylon (town), Suffolk County, NY Bayonne (city), Hudson County, NJ Bensalem (township), Bucks County, PA Brentwood, Suffolk County, NY Brick (township), Ocean County, NJ Bridgeport (city), Fairfield County, CT Bristol (township), Bucks County, PA Bronx (borough), Bronx County, NY Brooklyn (borough), Kings County, NY Clarkstown (town), Rockland County, NY Clifton (city), Passaic County, NJ Danbury (city), Fairfield County, CT East Orange (city), Essex County, NJ Edison (township), Middlesex County, NJ Elizabeth (city), Union County, NJ Fairfield (town), Fairfield County, CT Franklin (township), Somerset County, NJ Greenburgh (town), Westchester County, NY Greenwich (town), Fairfield County, CT Hamilton (township), Mercer County, NJ Hempstead (town), Nassau County, NY Hempstead (village), Nassau County, NY Huntington (town), Suffolk County, NY Irvington (township), Essex County, NJ Islip (town), Suffolk County, NY Jersey City (city), Hudson County, NJ Lakewood (township), Ocean County, NJ Levittown, Nassau County, NY Levittown, Bucks County, PA Manhattan (borough), New York County, NY Middletown (township), Monmouth County, NJ Mount Vernon (city), Westchester County, NY New Rochelle (city), Westchester County, NY Newark (city), Essex County, NJ North Bergen (township), Hudson County, NJ North Hempstead (town), Nassau County, NY Norwalk (city), Fairfield County, CT Old Bridge (township), Middlesex County, NJ Oyster Bay (town), Nassau County, NY Parsippany-Troy Hills (township), Morris County, NJ Passaic (city), Passaic County, NJ Paterson (city), Passaic County, NJ Piscataway (township), Middlesex County, NJ Queens (borough), Queens County, NY Ramapo (town), Rockland County, NY Smithtown (town), Suffolk County, NY Stamford (city), Fairfield County, CT Staten Island (borough), Richmond County, NY Trenton (city), Mercer County, NJ Union (township), Union County, NJ Union City (city), Hudson County, NJ Wayne (township), Passaic County, NJ White Plains (city), Westchester County, NY Woodbridge (township), Middlesex County, NJ Yonkers (city), Westchester County, NY

New York City Commercial Bird Control, Pigeon Control, and Gull Control Specialists. We are the nation's choice for invisible bird proofing. Our bird control services are trusted by highly respected organizations across America. We'll show you why!
Government and Municipal Bird Control

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Wise County Courthouse, TX

California State Capitol

Federal Treasury, Wash D.C.

Stillwell Subway Station, NY

Educational Institutions

Texas A&M (Kyle Field)

SMU, Dallas

Notre Dame University

University of TX (Harry Ransom Ctr.)

University of TX (Galveston)

University of TX (Stadium)

Commercial Buildings

The Plaza - Kansas City

River Center - San Antonio

Northern Trust Bank

Historical Structures

Renwick Gallery

Interaudi Bank - New York

First Presbyterian - Dallas
Medical Facilities

SMU Memorial Health Center

St. Mary's Medical Center

Laguna Honda Hospital

UT SW Medical Center

UT Medical Branch - Galveston

Stony Brook University Hospital

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