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  • BFC Realty
  • Busch Gardens
  • Comiskey Park (Chicago Whitesox)
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • JMB Property Management
  • Lincoln Properties Group
  • Nations Bank
  • Neiman-Marcus
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Service Merchandise
  • Texaco
  • Hyatt, Inc.
  • Marriott
  • Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  • Texas Utilities

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"Active Barrier" Migratory Nuisance Bird Relocation Service

How do you relocate the birds?
We use humane techniques that train the nuisance birds to move off your property. Our behavioral modification approach is the long term proven "green" solution. We do not trap, poison, or harm the birds. Our Active Barrier relocates nuisance bird flocks from your ornamental and shade trees; the bird mess and smell will be gone!

How long will it take for the nuisance birds to leave?
We make an immediate impact once our service begins; great improvement is accomplished within 3-4 days.

How many months do we need your services?
Annual contracts are required for birds such as grackles, cowbirds, and sparrows. These birds have acclimated to the metropolitan city environment and stay year round. Select seasonal migratory bird services will be offered on a 4-6 month program.

I have nuisance blackbirds nesting during the spring. What can be done?
Our trained personnel can guide you through timely and humane programs addressing undesirable nesting of nuisance birds, including the health risk and property damage concerns with nuisance bird infestations.

Do I need a permit or license to protect my property from these nuisance pest birds?
To properly perform bird relocation you will need to hire a licensed company to perform this service. Avian Flyaway is properly licensed and certified.

Why are the birds on my property in mass numbers?
Pest nuisance birds have found your ornamental trees, shade trees, or building structures for spending the night. These types of birds do not like to fly after sunset, and are using your property as their roosting/resting place. They usually leave during the day and look for food source and socialization. There will be transient birds on your property during the day and may be more active during the nesting season. We guarantee that the majority of these birds will not stay on your property at night. On rare occasions, sunrise times present high bird activity and will be addressed on an as needed basis.

Grackle Control and Grackles

Grackles roost in large numbers and make huge messes under trees most months of the year. Grackle colonies are found in much of the US. In the spring and early summer, the larger males and smaller females may become territorial around their nests and the grackles will roost in fewer numbers.

Many Grackles are not migratory at all, thus you will see them year round in certain favorite areas year after year. Some only migrate a few miles to the city in the winter.

In the late summer through early spring, Grackles will roost in large roosts near warmer areas with trees. Grackles fly over and feel out the warmer areas to roost all night long. The nuisance birds will leave a huge mess and carry many diseases and funguses.

There are 3 species of Grackles in the United States.

Grackle species included in the Genus Quiscalus are:

-Great-tailed Grackle or Quiscalus mexicanus

-Common Grackle or Quiscalus quiscula

-Boat-tailed Grackle or Quiscalus major

There is no stationary or static way to reliably control grackles, unless you want to install nets as an exclusion device and ruin the aesthetics of your trees. The nets will work only a couple of years at the longest because of wind storms and tree growth. Both, birds and bats will get in the nets, but not out of the nets, so you will have captured and dead birds and bats in the nets. Sound devices will not work more than a few weeks overnight and not at all during the day. Although many false promises come with many bird control devices; if it is not alive and present most days of the week, then Grackles will learn to ignore it. Likewise, despite false promises most bird control products will not control grackle problems.

Avian FlyAway has 20 years of experience solving tough migratory bird problems. Our proprietary methods and knowledge are the best in the industry, we are the leading grackle and migratory bird control service in the country. When it comes to recurring Grackle problems you will probably need an expert, AFI has successfully managed grackles for 20 years, and we do it every day.

Starling Control and Starlings and European Starlings

Starlings or Sturnus Vulgaris is a species brought over from Europe to the US. Starlings roost in large flocks in Summer to early Spring. Starlings will nest anywhere and are so adaptable they will mock other birds and are rumoured to be able to mock human speech.

Starlings prefer to roost in trees next to structures. Starlings will roost together with Grackles and present many of the same challenges. If you have recurring Starling problems in your trees, then Avian FlyAway can easily solve the problem. Almost all bird control products and bird control devices will not work to control roosting Starlings. In most situations, air insulated electric barrier will work to control Starlings nesting and roosting on structures.

Cowbird Control and Cowbirds

The Brown-headed Cowbird or Molothrus Ater is a frequent winter pest in Texas. Avian FlyAway is one of the only companies with the know how to control Cowbirds. This is a tough species and we have perfected Cowbird control.

White Winged Dove and Mourning Dove

The White-winged Dove or Zenaida Asiatica is like the Great Tailed Grackle becoming a dominant species. The Mourning Dove or Zenaida Macroura ranges farther north than the White-Winged Dove. In Texas, these species will add some extra challenges to your bird relocation project. Avian FlyAway is one of the only companies with the know how for Dove Control.

Blackbird Control and Blackbirds

Blackbirds include many species and Blackbird control is similar to Grackle control and Starling control.

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