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Avian Flyaway Inc.

Adhesive Fasten/Non-Penetrating



ShadeMatch: System is Permanently Mechanical Fastened to Non-Corrosive Metal Base
1. Stainless Fasten onto Color Finished Base
2. ShadeMatched to Surface
3. Adhesive Fastened

Want Your System Spot Welded Directly to Your Surface? click here

Stainless Steel Mechanical Fasten Okay? Click Here

FlyAway's "Invisible" Electric Barrier with ShadeMatch Adhesive Fasten Insulator

Non-Penetrating Patent Pending ShadeMatch Molds and Fastens to ANY SURFACE

  • Safe, Harmless, Permanent, and Scalable to Any Application

  • Engineered for Efficiency with Spring Tension Design

  • Simply the Best and Most Effective Pigeon Control Solution!

    • Costs Less
    • Looks Better
    • Lasts Longer,"Much Longer Than Electric Track Systems!"

          The Best Commercial Bird Control Solution - Satisfaction Guaranteed

          Why GlueMaster/ShadeMatch renders tracks, tapes, and strips obsolete:

          -Components Typically Last 5x-10x Longer than many tracks, adheres for decades with ShadeMatch using Chemlink M1 or Duralink and clear with Durasil.

          -No Regular Maintenance Required unlike tracks, tapes, and strips that must be cleaned regularly

          -Spring Tension Electric Barrier Design hardware materials are proven to last decades even in full sun.

          -ShadeMatch works with many advanced adhesives including Chemlink M1, Chemlink Duralink, Chemlink Clear, and Metalink/Durasil Neutral Cure RTV Silicone (M1 Technical Data) (Duralink Technical Data) (Metalink) (Clear)


          Another Non-Penetrating Option:
          Custom Sidewall L-Brackets: Screw, Glue, Metal, Lexan, etc.

          The Avian Averting System is Adaptable and Scalable to Almost Every Possibility!

          Expert Elimination of Pigeons, Vultures, Buzzards, and Gulls

          To bird proof your building, Avian Flyaway's GlueMaster/ShadeMatch Air Insulated Avian Averting System is the ultimate pigeon control solution; it is based on the Pavlovian theory of behavior modification. Imagine an entire flock of birds simply flying away! Behavior modification techniques train birds to avoid your property, eliminating nesting and roosting sites. Flyaway treats WHY birds are there; not where you see them. The Avian Flyaway shocking wire bird deterrent will bird proof your structures, when you want to get rid of birds our electric bird removal system is the best. This is the glue down version of the Shock-Wire screw down system, it is called Shock-Wire GlueMaster or Shock-Line Gluemaster by some. It is the same perfected miniature electric fence that is proven to last decades in many applications. The material components are proven to last decades in well over 90% of installations. Because screws are proven totally reliable in virtually all environmental situations, a hybrid screw/glue system will most likely be longer lasting than total glue down. A hybrid screw/glue system uses screws at endpoints only, which means is it well over 90% glue fastened.

          How does it work? The pest bird receives a punishment signal similar to the static charge one gets when shuffling across a dry, carpeted surface and touching a doorknob. The discharge feels uncomfortable, but is actually harmless because it is an extremely low current pulse. AFI's bird deterrent system causes the birds to fly away and stay away.

          Our bird deterrent system is virtually invisible, using UV protected clear or color matched polycarbonate insulators. Avian Flyaway's electronic bird control is air insulated. 99% of the system is virtually invisible and insulated by nothing but the air. Tiny stainless steel wires running parallel just above the surface while floating in the air create the perfect bird control system. Under normal environmental conditions, there is nothing to deteriorate and nothing to clean; it's nothing but invisible stainless steel and air!

          Again, although permanently fastening Avian Flyaway's invisible avian averting system with stainless steel screws is still the best bird control solution because it lasts up to several decades, Flyaway's glued down insulator the "GlueMaster" is also air insulated. This innovation in bird control technology renders shocking barrier strips, track, and tapes, totally obsolete.

          Flyaway invented mold-able barrier strip in the early 1990s and that design has been copied by several imitators because it seemed so ingenious. Over the years, performing hundreds of installations for electric bird control Avian Flyaway has learned there is no way for electrical conductors to lie flat on acrylic, vinyl, PVC, polyurethane, quasi conducting polymers(polymers are chemical sensitive) or any other type of plastic without collecting dust and other contaminants and exhibiting various electrical inefficiencies(air insulated design minimizes such inefficiencies). We recognized those shortcomings quickly in the early 1990s and thus designed and installed that approach as sparingly as possible over those years! The funniest part is to see designs we tossed out due to glaring inefficiencies almost 20 years ago recycled and promoted by product pushers clueless about electronic bird control. Maintaining our status as the innovation leader in efficient bird control that lasts longer, works best, and is virtually invisible Avian Flyaway has now expanded our air insulated line to include a solution for all surfaces including those requiring adhesive fastening. Avian Flyaway, innovation years ahead of the rest!

          Aesthetics are stressed with all bird removal installations. Our systems have a low visual impact and are ecologically sound. We use no chemicals or mechanical flight obstructions that may harm the birds. Your bird problem is solved; AFI is the commercial leader in invisible bird proofing solutions.

          Avian FlyAway is the commercial bird control installation leader. We bird proof your building, satisfaction guaranteed. Our invisible electric bird deterrent is simply the most effective system for bird control nationwide; it costs less, looks better, and lasts longer.

          "Flyaway's Avian Averting System solved a major problem, by eliminating pigeons nesting and roosting in a mechanical chiller area. No fuss, no mess and excellent results. I highly recommend the professional expertise of Flyaway."

          Patrick W. Murphy, Jr. -Biomedical Research Center, Shreveport, LA

          "Avian has installed their system on 12 of our buildings. Every installation has been not only 100% effective, but also virtually invisible. It's difficult to find a company that stands by their promise as they did."

          Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, California

          "Avian FlyAway installed their Electric Barrier System on a number of buildings on our campus. We have absolutely no sign of pigeon droppings or feathers after several years since the system was installed. Other methods used to solve the problem had little or no effect."

          Colorado College- Colorado Springs, Colorado

          "We are extremely satisfied with the Avian FlyAway Electric Barrier System and would recommend the system without hesitation. The pigeons left immediately and have not returned after several years."

          University of California Davis- Davis, California

          "Thank you for the outstanding job you and your co-workers did on the installation of our Bird Relocation System. I can't begin to add up how much time and money your system has saved the University."

          Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi, Texas

          Avian FlyAway's Invisible Bird Relocation

          > Air Insulated Open-Wire Electric Barrier

          > The Best Commercial Bird Proof Solution

          > Satisfaction Guaranteed Bird Control

          > Custom Designed/Installed Nationwide

             Click here to view our install gallery.

          Historical Structures (View all sectors)
          • Lincoln Memorial
          • Thomas Jefferson Memorial
          • Heritage Hall - Vancouver
          • Littlefield House
          • California State Capitol Building

          Click for enlarged view of Original Screw Fastened Avian Averting System Electric Barrier

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