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Bird Spikes for small light tops, and remote very small ledges. Long and large ledges and bird spikes are not recommended.-See the must see YOUTUBE videos!

Video 1: Pigeon Spikes Install Survival Guide?

Video 2: How to Install Bird Spikes?

Install bird spikes and look good around work!

There is a difference, please see other systems that last longer and work much much better!

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For Bird Spikes please see must see YOUTUBE videos on left that will show you what we see everyday with bird spikes. Bird gel is very similar, it is a temporary product that is not recommended. Avian FlyAway installs Architect's specified bird control systems nationwide. Our professional installers are the best. Specified Bird Spikes and non-electric Bird Wire are products we will install, yet are not recommended because both are inefficient. As the leading professional bird control installer for nationwide Commercial Bird Control, Pigeon Control, and Gull Control we like to educate our clients on the many ineffective bird control options. We are the nation's choice for invisible bird proofing and have 25 years experience solving the toughest bird problems. Our bird control services are trusted by highly respected organizations across America. We'll show you why! Although spikes are popular and common, please read on for more information on bird control spikes and their lack of effectiveness and efficiency in most bird control applications. Spikes and non-electric bird wire are usually very poor and unwise investments. Bird gel is even worse.

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